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Furnace Flames

Burner and Furnace Repair, Fairbanks, AK

We protect our auto-fill customers during the winter season. If your system ceases to function, call us during business hours Monday - Friday, 8-5 to schedule a Service Technician visit. We can no longer provide after-hours service on your Burner/Furnace. Still, during the winter months (September 1st through April 30th), if you verify you are out of fuel, our after-hours answering service will dispatch a delivery truck. Sourdough Fuel auto-fill customers enjoy the benefit of never worrying about running out of fuel. They are given priority burner service during the winter season with the support of our friendly staff.


Before you request our Fairbanks furnace repair services, there are several steps you can take to produce the result that you want: immediate heating.

  1. Ensure that the system is receiving power– Check that the circuit breaker has not been tripped and that the wall switch is in the ‘ON’ position.

    • Fix: If you find that the power was cut to the unit, restore power and hit the RESET button on the system. This should bring the unit back online. If the unit trips the circuit breaker immediately or after operating for a while, call for a service technician.

  2. Try hitting the RESET button– Does the unit come to life and try firing before shutting back down or is it completely lifeless?

    • Fix: If you hear the unit trying to come to life and sputtering and spitting when the system fires, it’s time to stick the tank. If the unit is lifeless and doesn’t respond, it’s also time to stick the tank. Call a service technician for more information.

  3. Sticking the tank– It is always a good idea to have the proper stick available for your tank. Keep the stick in a place close to the tank or in the garage so that you can locate it easily.

    • Fix: When you stick the tank, make sure that you touch the bottom of the tank and never just drop the stick into the tank. When you extract the stick, you should have a reading that will tell you how many gallons are in the tank. Anything less than ten gallons should be an automatic call to us for a refill.

  4. If you have fuel in the tank but the unit doesn’t come to life after pushing the RESET button, it’s time to call a service technician.

  5. If you aren’t receiving heat in your building or in a particular area, but you have a hot boiler, the problem probably lies in the zone valves or circulating pump. While you can open stuck zone valves manually, you will need a service technician for a long-term fix.

If you follow these steps, you will more likely call the right person the first time, thus reducing call out fees and time spent in the cold.

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